Cat and Rat pin
Cat and Rat pin
Cat and Rat pin

Cat and Rat pin

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Size of Pin is 1.5 inches in width

This pin is inspired by Haru from Fruits Basket. 


Design was created by me. 

Please note most of the profit will be to reinvest into another pin design.

This is a self funded project.




Grade A Pin

It’s the highest quality, some may have minor defects only visible during a thorough examination, but they still look very nice.

Some example of A grade defects:

  • Slight color/glitter overflow
  • Unnoticeable rubbles
  • Minor imperfections

 B Grade:

They are close to A grade, nevertheless they have noticeable flaws. Obviously, it involves a lower price.

  • Thicker metal lines
  • Slight oxidation of the metal
  • Minor air bubbles, scratches, dents
  • Small color overflow
  • Dark spots on glitter
  • Negligible glitter’s missing areas
  • Noticeable underfilled areas (color or polish)

Each enamel pin is made by hand, not mass produced by machines. As a result minor to major errors are bound and expected to happen.